What We Do

Premise Distribution Systems

Premise Distribution Systems or also known as Structured Cabling is a building, campus, or offices’ centralized internal wiring. Typically consisting of Category 5E, Category 6E, Fiber Optics, Video and Audio among other types of cabling. You may have seen this type of infrastructure in a computer room or telephone closet. It is where telephone systems and computer networks extend their services to the users of a facility.

Converged Systems

The conceptual idea behind a Converged System is that one network transports all information and services (voice, data, and all sorts of media such as video and audio) by encapsulating these into packets, like it is on the Internet. Converged Systems are commonly built around the Internet Protocol(IP), and therefore the term “all-IP” is also sometimes used to describe the transformation toward Converged Systems.



We run and install all forms of communications cabling from data room throughout facilities and campuses.  This includes CAT 5 & 6 network/data cabling, fiber optic cabling, audio/video cabling and other low voltage runs.


We procure, install and configure all forms of data networking equipment including servers, switches, routers, bridges, load balancers, and wireless access points.


We install and configure all forms of video surveillance (CCTV) systems for the protection of property, customers and employees. We specialize in top brand digital IP megapixel cameras from Pelco, Axis, Sony, Bosch, and Samsung. We also install analog cameras for smaller installations. All video can be monitored remotely through a remote computer, tablet or smartphone.

We also install self-monitored intrusion detection systems for your premises consisting of motion detection and glass break sensors.


We can distribute all forms of video and audio throughout a facility including analog and digital signals. These include cable and satellite TV signals, background music, paging and intercom systems and audio recording and broadcasting.





We install and configure mainly VoIP(Voice Over Internet Protocol) telephone systems from 5-500 users. This converged technology offers the facility a greater cost savings over POTS(Plain Old Telephone System) and a more feature rich experience.